10 Cliche Things People Tell Their Single Friends

I have been and am currently still the "single friend." I am not here to collect your sympathy. In fact, that usually makes it worse. We can all just come to the realization that you are indeed luckier than I for finding your soulmate earlier. (I'm joking). In all honesty, I love LOVE and I'm... Continue Reading →

The Makeup Rules Childhood Didn’t Prepare You For

  Makeup has rules? Can’t I just put it on and go? In the words of Beyonce, “Haha, Hell Nah!” The first thing you need to worry about when achieving a certain look is your canvas (your face). Make sure you have found the right face wash, face scrub and moisturizer for your skin type.... Continue Reading →

Glorious Moments on Public Transportation

Wonder why I haven’t been posting any blogs lately? Well, you probably weren’t...But I recently obtained a freelance position downtown and have been spending a good chunk of my life on the Metra. I am writing this sitting on the train as we speak, but we aren’t speaking (I never understood that phrase). Anyways, It’s... Continue Reading →

What Made You Drink This Year?

  All right, Thanksgiving.  It’s a warm and fuzzy holiday to spend with family and give thanks for what we have been blessed with.  This is not what I plan to discuss of course.   I would like to talk about the unspoken suffering everyone has during this holiday season.  Let’s break it up into... Continue Reading →

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